Service Pack 3 for Macintosh OS 9 and Windows Servers Now Available

September 10, 2003 - Service Pack 3 for FirstClass 7.1 Server is available for download from the FirstClass website or from FirstClass Online. Macintosh OS 9 and Windows servers are available now, and Macintosh OS X server will be available shortly.

Service Pack 3 includes a fix for the Groups issue reported recently, as well as other items listed below. All sites are urged to install this upgrade as soon as possible. For a list of the fixed/improved items in this release, go to:


For existing FirstClass Server 7.1 sites, go to:


or on FirstClass Online at:

Desktop > Conferences > Software Libraries > FirstClass 7 Product Updates > FC 7 (Windows or Mac) Server Updates > FirstClass 7.1 Service Packs

After the upgrade, you will have the following new versions:

- FirstClass Server 7.1 Build 133 for Windows

- FirstClass Internet Services 7.1 Build 7.082 for Windows

- FirstClass Server 7.1 Build 133 for Mac OS

- FirstClass Internet Services 7.1 Build 7.081 for Mac OS

In addition, you will have new Help files, a new rules.mailrules document and for Windows server only, the FCUtil.exe program will be updated to version 7.1.1. FirstClass Tools is not upgraded in this service pack.

If you are still on FirstClass Server version 7.0 or earlier, you will need to upgrade to 7.1 before installing Service Pack 3. For the steps to follow for your upgrade, go to:


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