End of Life Announced for Macintosh Classic FirstClass Server

October 8, 2003 - FirstClass announced today that the current version of FirstClass Classic Server for Macintosh (OS 8 & 9) will be the last. When FirstClass 8 Server for Macintosh is released it will be for Macintosh OS X only.

FirstClass Client 8 will continue to be available for all current platforms including Macintosh Classic (Macintosh 8.2 to 9.x).

Sites running Macintosh servers should start making plans to migrate to OS X to be ready for FirstClass 8 planned for Q1, 2004 (see below).

If you would like assistance in moving your existing Macintosh server to OS X, please contact Acorn MicroSolutions at (813) 251-5571 or send a message to inquiries@acornus.com.

Excerpts from the FirstClass announcement are included below:

Title: FirstClass for Mac OS Classic Advance EOL Notice

Bulletin Number: 114

Version: 1.0

Date: October 8, 2003


This is an advance notice of the EOL (end of life) of FirstClass server and protocol module products for Mac OS Classic (Mac OS 9.x and earlier) platforms. This notice does not affect Mac OS Classic client products.

The affected FirstClass products are inclusive of, but not limited to:

- FirstClass Core Server

- FirstClass Internet Services

- FirstClass Personal

- FirstClass Developer Toolkits

EOL is the discontinuance of new releases, SPs (service packs) and quality enhancements for a product. Customer Support Center services remain available for an EOL product that is not older than two major releases of a current shipping product.

Effective Date

At the time of issue of this document, FirstClass 7.1 SP3 is the most current release of FirstClass. FirstClass server and protocol module products for Mac OS Classic platforms are fully supported in this release, and will be fully supported in any subsequent FirstClass 7.1 service packs.

Beginning with the FirstClass 8.0 major release, new FirstClass server and protocol module products for Mac OS Classic platforms will no longer be available. The general availability date for FirstClass 8.0 is to be announced, but a calendar date of H1/2004 may be used for site planning purposes.

For the foreseeable future, FirstClass client products for the Mac OS Classic platform will continue to be supported and available in all upcoming new FirstClass major releases and services packs.

The Next Generation: FirstClass for Mac OS X Platforms

The FirstClass Division of Open Text is proud of its history with Apple platforms. Our very first commercial product was released on the Mac OS Classic platform back in 1990. Since that time, FirstClass products have been continuously stretching the limits of Mac systems running Mac OS Classic. However, we have reached the end of the Mac OS Classic era.

FirstClass has been receiving overwhelming, positive reception for our Mac OS X products since first release early this year. Apple in the meantime announced that high end Mac systems would not be able to run OS 9 beyond June. Given these two intersection points, new FirstClass server product development for Mac systems will be exclusively targeted for Mac OS X. We believe this focus will enable us to deliver in a timely fashion a new generation of high performance, high quality, FirstClass products for Mac systems.

FirstClass 7.1 for Mac OS X is available as a free upgrade for Mac OS Classic sites, as part of a current Maintenance and Customer Support (M&S) contract coverage. Upgrading to FirstClass 8.0 for Mac OS X, when generally available, will also be available as part of a current M&S contract benefit.

Instructions for upgrading from previous versions of FirstClass to FirstClass 7.1 are available by contacting the Customer Support Center, on FCOL, and at www.firstclass.com

Customer Support of EOL FirstClass Releases

FirstClass Division policy is to provide product support for FirstClass releases going back two major revision levels. Specifically, the Customer Support Center will provide administrator support for FirstClass 7 and FirstClass 6.

FirstClass Division’s North American Customer Support Center may be contacted toll free at 1-800-346-9108.

FirstClass Division’s International Customer Support Center may be contacted at +353-61-725-200.

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