Service Pack 5 for Macintosh OS X Server Released

October 24, 2003 - FirstClass Division of Open Text today released Service Pack 5 for Macintosh OS X Server. This release includes the new version of Internet Services and filter file released as Service Pack 4 for Macintosh OS 8/9 and Windows servers. It also includes a fix for the recently reported login problem. There will not be a separate Service Pack 4 release for Mac OS X Server.

This download is available on FirstClass Online at Desktop > Conferences > Software Libraries > FirstClass 7 Product Updates > FC7 OS X Server Updates and on the FirstClass Website at http://www.firstclass.com/downloads/Server/ServicePacks

From the description at this web page, it says:

The FirstClass 7.1 Service Pack 5 Upgrade can only be used to upgrade a current FirstClass 7.1 installation. It cannot be used to upgrade from previous versions. We recommend that you backup your current installation before performing the upgrade.

To download the FirstClass 7.1 Service Pack 5 Upgrade for Mac OS X, click on the appropriate edition link above to download the upgrade executable.

To install this upgrade, shutdown your current version of FirstClass Server and FirstClass Internet Services and run the downloaded Upgrade disk image (FC71SP5Bus.dmg for the Business Edition or FC71SP5Edu.dmg for the Education Edition). Follow the upgrade disk image instructions as appropriate.

The Upgrade will update your current versions of the following to the 7.1 SP 5 level:

FirstClass Server to version 7.1 build 135

FirstClass Internet Services to version 7.085

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