Service Pack 5 for all FirstClass Servers

October 29, 2003 - FirstClass has released Service Pack 5 versions for all FirstClass Servers - Macintosh OS 8/9, OS X and Windows.

There has been some confusion among Administrators about why the Service Pack version numbers differed among the server platforms. SP 4 was never released for Mac OS X. Service Pack 5 for Mac OS X was released about a week before SP 5 for the other platforms.

The release of SP 4 for Mac OS X was not ready at the time of the other servers. While preparing it, another problem related to web based logins was discovered. It was decided to skip SP 4 for Mac OS X and go directly to SP 5.

Service Pack 5 for Mac OS X includes the components of SP 4, so a separate version was never released. Service Pack 4 for other platforms have now been removed from FirstClass Online and the website, they are no longer needed as separate items.

All sites should now install SP 5. If you have installed SP 4 already, it will not create any problems to install SP 5 too.

Following the installation of SP 5, your software versions would be:

- FirstClass Server 7.1 (Build 135, 135a for Mac OS X)

- Internet Services 7.084 (Mac OS X - Build 7.085)

- FirstClass Tools (Build 135 - not updated in Mac OS X)

- New rules.mailrules document

This download is available on FirstClass Online at Desktop > Conferences > Software Libraries > FirstClass 7 Product Updates > yourserverplatform and on the FirstClass Website here

If you have not done so you should install Service Pack 3, then install Service Pack 5. Service Pack 3 includes new help files, web templates, mailrules documents, fcp and config files, and new executable programs.

For the broad details of what's installed, go to http://www.firstclass.com/downloads/Server/servicepacks. You can also download the Service Packs from this page.

There are about 20+ technical changes in the executable files that may not be of interest to most people, but a few of the major items are:

- Fixed a possible bug reported by I2S-Labs that said the FirstClass Server may be susceptible to a particular kind of Denial of Service attack.

- Fixed the web login problem on Mac OS X Servers

- Suppresses system generated NDN messages to prevent mail loops

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