FirstClass Newsletter Volume 3, Issue 5 Mailed to Subscribers

November 21, 2003 - Volume 3, Issue 5 of the FirstClass Newsletter was emailed to subscribers this week. This periodic newsletter from the Information Development dept. of FirstClass contains news of interest to FirstClass Administrators. The article on mail rules uses examples from a real site.

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Table of Contents for Volume 3, Issue 5

- FirstClass for Mac OS Classic end of life (EOL) notice

- Case study: Halton District School Board

- Frequently asked questions

- What is the difference between redirecting and autoforwarding incoming mail using a mail rule?

- When should I restart Internet Services as opposed to using Get Config and Flush Cache?

- When I start up Internet Services I see this message: "InetCfg: Discarding invalid IP mask 172.18.254". What does this mean?

- TUI tech tip

- Outbound Call Detail Recording

- Tools

- Advanced mail rules in action

- In future issues...

- What to look for in future issues of the FirstClass Newsletter

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