Do you have an Account on FirstClass Online?

January 26, 2004 - All FirstClass Administrators should have an account on the FirstClass Online server. This server, run by the FirstClass division of Open Text, is the official support site for FirstClass. It has additional information to that presented on the www.firstclass.com website.

All of the current FirstClass software is available to registered FirstClass Administrators including software that isn't released through the web pages such as FirstClass Designer. Since Designer is not intended for ordinary users, it isn't available through the web site.

You will also find conferences for peer to peer support such as Educational Connection, Advanced Connections, Webmasters, and Application Server (FCRAD). Another set of conferences, FirstClass Online is only available to those who request it.

To set up your own account on FirstClass Online follow these steps:

1. AutoRegister on the FirstClass server. Using FirstClass Client, create a new settings file using the address fc.firstclass.com. You don't need a UserID or Password on your initial registration/login.

     FirstClass AutoRegistration Form - Macintosh Classic

Fill in the form with all of the requested information. Be sure to enter your preferred UserId and Password or one will be chosen for you. Press Register when ready, if your User Name and UserID are unique, you will see the confirmation screen with your UserID and Password shown. Be sure to note it before continuing.

     AutoRegistration Confirmation Form - Windows 2000

2. When you get to the Desktop, read the auto-open messages and start to look around. While you will be able to read some conferences, your privileges as an autoregistrant will be limited until you complete the next two steps. You will not be able to send any email yet.

     FirstClass Online Desktop - Windows XP

3. If you haven't done so, email the server registration information generated by the Registration document on the Admin desktop of your FirstClass server.

4. From another internet mail account, send a message to Registrations@FirstClass.com with the following information:

- Your UserId and User Name for the FirstClass Online account

- Your FirstClass server serial number

- Your FirstClass server platform (Macintosh Classic, OS X, Windows) and server FC software version

- Request access to the FirstClass Administrator conferences

FirstClass will register one person for Administrator access for each server serial number.

In a few days, you should see that your access has been upgraded and you will have access to the latest software and the appropriate conferences.

After your initial registration using the FirstClass Client program, you can use the web browser interface for future logins.

If you already have an account on FCOL but don't have the optional FirstClass Online conferences, send a message to Registrations using the stationery form in the Reception Desk conference on your desktop.

To view a pdf document outlining this procedure, click here. (requires Adobe Acrobat Reader).

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