FirstClass 7.112 Client Available

February 5, 2004 - FirstClass Client 7.112 has now been posted to the FirstClass website and on FirstClass Online. The new client version is available for all client platforms; Macintosh Classic, Macintosh OS X, and Windows.

New Features - For the Macintosh Classic and Windows versions there is a new Internet Services Monitor for the Admin that allows you to set logging levels, to remotely stop the Internet Services program (use Basic Internet Setup form to restart IS), and set other items. This new monitor form corresponds to the feature first added to the 7.101 version of the OS X client.

Bug Fixes - the main bug fixes are in the new OS X client. This version is compatible with Panther (OS 10.3.x) and properly displays error messages, and edits Mail Rules without crashing.

For all platform versions, there are improvments in font display, particularly for double-byte characters.

The new client versions are available on the FirstClass website at http://www.firstclass.com/ClientDownloads/ or on FirstClass Online at Desktop > Conferences > Software Libraries > FirstClass 7 Software.

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