Getting Ready for FirstClass 8

May 19, 2004 - News from FirstClass has been sparse lately, but development of FirstClass 8 is continuing. Beta and Early Access testers are currently testing all of the client versions and the Windows server.

See below for current news about FirstClass 8 availibility

To prepare for FirstClass 8, you will need to do the following:

- FirstClass 8 Macintosh OS Requirements. FirstClass 8 will need to use Macintosh OS X. Server support for Classic Mac OS ends with FirstClass 7.1. OS 10.3 is not recommended for FirstClass 7.1, but will be for FirstClass 8.

- FirstClass 8 Windows OS Requirements. FirstClass 8 will need to use Windows 2000 Professional or Server or Windows 2003 Server. Server support for Windows NT ends with FirstClass 7.1. Windows XP is not recommended.

- Server downloads will no longer be available for anonymous downloads via the web at www.firstclass.com. You will need to have an account on FirstClass Online. You will be able to use the browser to log into your FCOL account for downloads. If you do not have an FCOL account yet, go to http://www.acornus.com/currentnews/012604.html for instructions.

- FirstClass 8 will require a new version 8 license. This license can be requested at http://www.firstclass.com/forms/license.html. Request your license now to avoid the rush when FirstClass 8 is released, but do not install it until you are ready to upgrade to FirstClass 8. The license may not be delivered immediately but will be sent before FC 8 is released.

If you need assistance in upgrading your server OS for FirstClass 8 or are considering changing server platforms, please contact Acorn Microsolutions for help.

John Myers, President of the FirstClass division on Open Text posted the following to a FirstClass Online conference this morning:

A few months back we provided an update to our forecast for the release of FirstClass 8 and indicated that we were predicting it would come out in the 2nd quarter of 2004 with a target date of mid-May.

Although the release is now feature complete and in good shape (as many of our beta testers can attest) we have decided that it would be best if we extended our bug-fixing and quality testing cycle for a further period of time to help assure that the software we release meets our goals for performance and reliabiity.

Our new forecast is now targeting the end of June as the date for general availability. Our expectation is that we'll ship the Windows, Mac, Mac OS X and web clients, and Windows Core Server and Internet Services at that time. The Mac OS X Core Server and Internet Services software will ship a short time later, as will FC Personal for Windows and OS X.

The FirstlClass 8 Linux client, FirstClass 8 Voice Services and FirstClass RAD 3.0 (including support for off-node RAD and OS X) are expected to ship as they are ready during the 3rd quarter of 2004.

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