FirstClass 8 is now available on FirstClass Online

July 12, 2004 - FirstClass 8 Server for Windows, and all FirstClass Clients are now available on FirstClass OnLine at Conferences > Software Libraries. FirstClass Server for OS X is planned for release on July 26, 2004.

FirstClass 8 CheckList

Have you completed the following?

- FirstClass 8 Server for Macintosh needs OS X 10.2.8 or later including 10.3.x.

- FirstClass 8 Server for Windows needs Windows 2000 Professional or Server or Windows 2003 Server. Windows XP is not recommended.

- Server downloads are no longer available for anonymous downloads via the web at www.firstclass.com. You need to have an account on FirstClass Online, but you can use a browser to log into your FCOL account for downloads. If you do not have an FCOL account yet, go to http://www.acornus.com/currentnews/012604.html for instructions.

- FirstClass 8 requires a new version 8 license. This license can be requested at http://www.firstclass.com/forms/license.html. If you have not yet ordered your license, expect a delay before delivery.

Service Pack 7 for FirstClass 7.1

If you do not plan to move to FirstClass 8 right away, there is a new version of Internet Services available as Service Pack 7 for version 7.1 at http://www.firstclass.com/Downloads/Server/ServicePacks.

FirstClass Prices Going Up

On July 26, the planned date for release of FirstClass 8 for Macintosh Server, a new price list with an expected increase of about 10% will go into effect. If you have a need for additional licenses, call Acorn MicroSolutions at (813) 251-5571 to discuss your options.

FirstClass Training Prices Going Down

As of July 1, 2004, the prices for FirstClass training courses have been reduced to 2002 levels. The new prices for online or classroom training are:

FirstClass Product (Client) - US$495
FirstClass Administration - US$1,950
FirstClass Designer - US$650
FirstClass Internet Services - US$1,300
FirstClass Batch Administration - US$650 (to be renamed FirstClass Scripting)
FirstClass Rapid Application Developer - US$1,300

The Administration course will be available online in 3 to 4 weeks, the rest will be available as new training materials are released. Watch the FirstClass website for details.

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