FirstClass 8 Server for Mac OS X Status Report

July 28, 2004 - FirstClass 8 Server for Macintosh has been delayed for at least a week due to performance issues that have suddenly come up. A version limited to 250 sessions may be released in the interim, but hopes are to release a version with greatly increased session counts soon along with a new way of monitoring the FirstClass Server.

Troubleshooting your FirstClass 8 Installation

Tech Support Group offers an online commentary - The FirstClass Tech Support Group has prepared a list of what to expect with your FirstClass 8 Upgrade as well as news about problems that arise. Check the support document regularly for changes at:


Mailbox content disappears after upgrade - some sites have had some user mailbox content disappear after the upgrade. For these users, have them log off, then from the Admin menu List Directory find the user name, right-click on the user name and select Single User Audit. This will usually fix the problem, if not call Tech Support.

Multiple Run Instances of Internet Services - Editing the Basic Internet Setup form causes additional instances of Internet Services to start if the Start Internet Services automatically checkbox is selected. The extra instances can't log in but do build up on the Server machine. Close the extra instances as you find them. An alternative is to uncheck the Start Automatically box but then you will need to start IS manually.

Netinfo file in New installation - The Netinfo file for a new FirstClass 8 server install has two lines at the beginning of the file that should be REMmed out. These lines are interpreted as part of the Netinfo file but can't be executed, thus causing an IPX socket error on Windows servers. Add double-slashes at the beginning of the lines like this:

// Version the will ship with 8.0

// FirstClass Server 8.0

Limit on Addressees in new messages - A change in FirstClass 8 sets a limit of 100 addressees at the All Users group level. If this number is not sufficient for your needs, change it to a large, real number such as 1000, do not set it to Unlimited as that change is not being interpreted properly. You can also set this number for any group that you want it to apply to.

rules.BodyBlock - FirstClass 8 allows the use of a file named rules.BodyBlock to search for prohibited words in the body of incoming messages. This file is not created by default and the implementation has an error that causes problems. Whether the file exists or not, the rules.SubjectBlock file is checked instead of the rules.BodyBlock file.

If this causes problems at your site, REM out the following line in the rules.MailRules form by adding a # sign at the beginning, then do a Get Config.

>: IF (@InBlockList($body)) SET $spamlevel += 100 AND $spamtests += "BODYBLOCK;"

Forms Display Error in Client - In some FirstClass client forms, when you initially open them, you may see numeric field values set to zero, which is not what you expected. Click on the value field and the correct value appears. This is most apparent on Mail Rules forms. It is cosmetic only, the correct value is used, and the form will be corrected soon.

Basic Internet Setup form link error - on the Web and File tabs, if you press the Advanced Button, it tries to open the old form name. Open the Advanced Web and File form manually until a service pack fixes this.

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