Little Known Links on the FirstClass Website

November 13, 2003 - If you have explored the FirstClass website, you have found that most of the pages of interest to Administrators are linked to the main support page.

There are other pages though, that aren't as obvious to find and some that aren't linked to the published pages at all.

From the Home Page, select About Us, then FirstClass Perspectives. This will lead you to Centrinity Perspectives where you can find articles by three of the FirstClass developers.

Paul Whittemore is the team leader for the FirstClass Server development team and heavily involved with the development of the UNIX servers. Paul's page has a number of articles about high performance server considerations and the Macintosh OS X server.

Scott Welch is the FirstClass Product Manager and one of the three founders of the original SoftArc company. Scott's page has articles about email considerations in general.

Terry Whyte is the team leader for the Internet Services team. Terry's page has several articles about Internet Services. A particularly good article is the one about the rules.mailrules document.

From the main Support page there are several links in the yellow box area to various articles generally in the path of http://www.firstclass.com/support/SupportCommentary/... but there are also a number of articles that aren't linked in under this URL. These have mostly been written by the Tech Support staff and cover a variety of topics, usually to answer frequently asked questions. They are organized by the various FirstClass programs. In each of the links below, you will see a FirstClass web conference view of the postings.

FirstClass Server and Batch Admin

FirstClass Internet Services

FirstClass Designer

FirstClass Client and Palm

Explore these and you are sure to find some information you hadn't been aware of.

If you know of other "unknown" links on the FirstClass website, send them to

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and they will be included in a future update.

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