Acorn MicroSolutions FCNews Service

As a FirstClass system administrator, you need to keep up to date about FirstClass software, version upgrades, service packs and other important news.

FCNEWS is a periodic, read-only newslist with information of interest to FirstClass administrators. We focus on keeping you up to date on useful technical information from the www.firstclass.com website and FirstClass Online service.

These two sites have a lot of important and valuable information but some of it may be difficult to find for administrators who don't visit regularly.

FCNews uses a ListServ program but is not a discussion list, so don't expect any off-subject postings or "spam." Look for one or two messages a week.

For best results, you should have an account with registered system administrator access on FirstClass Online.

Customers and training students of Acorn MicroSolutions have been automatically subscribed to this mailing list. Others are invited to join by sending an email message to:

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with the words SUBSCRIBE FCNEWS in the message body (not in the subject line). You will receive an automated reply with further information and instructions.

If you have any questions, suggestions, problems or comments, email to:

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To see all currently active news postings, click here or on the Current News link from our Home Page. Older news postings are available here.