Step 1 - Perform a standard install of OS X - You can use either the server or workstation versions. If you do a custom install, be sure to include the BSD Unix Subsystem software.

Step 2 - Prepare your Macintosh OS X machine before installing FirstClass Server - A step by step list to settings in the OS. View pdf document (requires Adobe Acrobat Reader).

Step 3 - Edit the MTU settings for the Loopback Adapter - The intial values as provided in OS X are too high. Click here for details.

Step 4 - Run Disk Utility from the Utilities folder and select First Aid and Repair Disk Permissions. - This will check and repair file permissions for the hard drive.

Step 5 - Install FirstClass Server according to the FirstClass for Macintosh OS X Administrator's Guide and the installer notes accompanying the server version your are using. - View pdf document (requires Adobe Acrobat Reader).

Step 6 - SetUp your BackUp procedure - Click here for recommendations from FirstClass.

Step 7 - Review the OS X Server Tuning Tips document - at FirstClass.com for late breaking news and updates, including matching FirstClass Server version to OS X version. Click here for details.

When you upgrade your OS - Review the MTU settings for the loopback adapter - Each major OS upgrade from Apple, 10.x or 10.x.x installs a new Network file and resets the MTU settings back to Apple's default values.

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